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Total Guide to Self-Tanning

Total Guide to Self-Tanning

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The even glow of a perfectly applied tan is irresistible, but with so many options for tanning at home, it's easy to get lost in a sea of bronzing possibilities.

Let's walk you through every type of product necessary for a flawless tan, before we reveal the tried-and-tested 5-step process for a fool-proof final look.


  • Prep Products

If you have yet to find your perfect exfoliating mitt, we recommend one by SoSu or  Bare by Vogue.  These two brands are known for their high-quality yet still affordable products.


  • Tan-Types (Liquid, Foam, Moisturising)

The main types of tan are instant and gradual, which are available in several forms such as liquid, foam, or as a moisturiser. 

Knowledge is power, so let's go through the different self tans available and check out the reasons why they may or may not be for you!





  • Face Tanning

While some self-tanners can be used on the face and body alike, having a product specially formulated for the sensitive face and its needs is always a good idea. 

Self tanner that has been made for your face is generally more hydrating and noncomedogenic - meaning they are formulated in a way that is not likely to leave you with blocked pores.

Luckily this information has become more accepted and all of the best brands have a special face-tanner available alongside their usual full-body tanning range. 

Some of our favourites are below, with plenty more to explore across!







 Face Tanning Serum is one of the most common forms of face tanners alongside the popular tanning moisturiser for the face. The Bare by Vogue face tanning serum creates the illusion of an even skin-tone with the added benefit of a skincare product thanks to the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.














Face tanning mists are an easy way to spritz yourself into a glowing goddess, without the mess of a liquid tan. 
















For a slightly denser texture that is easy to control, with the added decadence of a floral sent, this bronzing water gel is a fabulous product by the renowned St. Tropez brand














To help application and blending, we recommend using a fluffy brush, such as a kabuki brush or a buffer brush, when using face tanners.






An ideal choice is the 3-in-1 brush by Luna Beauty, which has the perfect texture for blending all types of face and body tanners into every spot on the face and neck - creating a flawless and undetectable finish!














 The Dripping Gold range from SoSu is one of the most beloved Tanning ranges across Ireland. Their extra large kabuki brush is ideal for face and body, and an even easier way to apply tan instead of using tradtional tanning mits, which absorb a large amount of product during application. 









  • Tan removal

If you need to freshen up between tans or start all over again, tan removal can be tough without a dedicated product that does the job more efficiently than soap and water. 




An exfoliating mitt is an essential part of self-tanning, creating a much more flawless skin base for your tan to lay smoothly onto. But exfoliating mitts are also an essential part of tan removal, helping to scrub off residue and dead skin that the tan may be clinging to. 









Next is the tan eraser itself, which is formulated to aid exfoliation while moisturising the skin and removing tan, all without harsh chemicals!




Bondi Sands, one of the longest standing and popular tanning brands, has their own tan eraser to add alongside their range of self-tans.

The foamy formula is simple and straight-forward to use, and claims to remove tan in only 5 minutes.













He-Shi's tan remover also aims to be a perfect primer for tanning again, ideal if you're looking for a fresh start to get back to bronze immediately after.


Aiming to be a more luxurious option, the He-Shi tan removal is enriched with natural Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Grapefruit acids and enzymes, as well as White Nectarine & Pear for fragrance. 







How to Tan


Step 1: Exfoliate

Pop in the shower with your best exoliating gloves or mitt, and get to work shedding any dead skin cells or bumpy bits that could effect your tan's finish.
Make sure to thoroughly rinse off all soap and shampoo/conditioner in the shower, before totally drying off.


Step 2: Dry

Apply whichever kind of tan you prefer to your dry skin. Try doing this in sections, washing your hands in between each section (even if you're using a mitt or other tanning applicator!)


Step 3: Moisturise where necessary

When applying tan to parts of your body that are typically dryer (such as the elbows and knees) add moisturiser alongside your tan during application.


Step 4: Blend

At the wrists and ankles, blend from the top into the hands and feet. You shouldn't need to apply any extra tan to the actual hands and feet.


Step 5: Develop


Allow the tan to dry, and follow the instructions on the packaging of your tan to know how long to leave the tan to develop before washing off, or if you're okay to head straight out into the world with your new glowing complexion!




Top Brands for Self-Tan




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