A woman wearing a linen viscose jumpsuit as an airport outfit.

7 Best Airport Outfits for Women in 2024: Travel in Style with Shaws

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Looking for inspiration for airport outfits or travel attire? We're here to help! In this guide, we will showcase the top airport outfits for women in 2024 using inspiration from our womenswear.


Travelling can be unpredictable, but your airport outfits don't have to be. With some forward planning, achieving the right comfortable look can be very easy. Comfort and style can go hand in hand, especially when you have the right pieces. Here are some stylish yet practical airport outfit ideas. They will make you look chic and be comfy on your journey.


1. Layer your Clothing to Suit All Temperatures 

Ireland's weather can be quite changeable. When traveling, you may experience varying climates from the beginning to the end of your journey. The key is to dress in layers. Start with a comfortable base layer, such as a soft cotton tee or tank top, and add a lightweight cardigan or stylish blazer. Check out our blog for more advice on how to layer clothes.

Top Picks for Layering on a Flight:

- Lightweight Cardigan: Easy to pack and perfect for chilly planes.

- Denim Jacket: A classic piece that adds a touch of style to any outfit.

This way, you can adjust to different temperatures. For options, check out our Women's Cardigans and Blazers.

A woman wearing a denim jacket as an airport outfit.


2. Aim for Style With Comfort 

Long flights and airport waits can be tedious, but the right outfit can make all the difference. Focus on women’s tops made of comfortable and breathable cotton and linen fabrics. Relaxed fits are ideal, offering freedom of movement without being too loose. 

Top Picks to Achieve Comfort While Travelling:

- Cotton Maxi Dress: Perfect for easy movement and breathability. 

- Linen Trousers: Stay cool and comfortable with a relaxed fit.


A woman wearing a linen trouser as an airport outfit.

Stretchy leggings and high-waisted trousers are excellent choices for comfy airport outfits. They provide ease of movement without compromising style. Our Women's Leggings and Trousers offer various comfortable yet chic options.


3. Choose Suitable Footwear

Walking through airports and standing in lines can be taxing on your feet. Choose supportive footwear like stylish sneakers or cushioned flats. They offer comfort and add a trendy touch to your outfit. Explore our range of Women's Footwear for the perfect travel shoes.


4. Choose Multifunctional Pieces

Packing is an art: choose versatile clothes that can be mixed and matched to create multiple airport outfits. Well-fitted jeans, a versatile dress, and a few interchangeable tops can help save space. Browse our Women's Dresses and Women's Tops for inspiration. For more on essential multifunctional clothing items, discover how they are essential to building a capsule wardrobe

Top Multifunctional Picks for the Airport:

- Basic Tees and Tanks: Neutral colours that pair well with anything.

- Versatile Skirts and Pants: These pieces cover all bases from casual to semi-formal.

5. Consider Accessories 

Accessories can elevate your look without adding bulk to your luggage. On chilly flights, a lightweight scarf doubles as a blanket. A stylish hat protects you from the sun and adds flair to your outfit. Remember to use a spacious tote bag to carry all your essentials. Discover our Women's Accessories for the perfect travel companions.

Top Accessory Picks:

- Large Tote Bag: Practical for carrying all your travel essentials.

- Stylish Scarf: Adds flair and functionality, perfect for varying temperatures.

6. Achieve an Effortless Look With a Co-Ord 

A woman wearing an asymmetrical matching top and skirt as an airport outfit.

Consider a matching set for casual travel outfit ideas with a laid-back yet polished look. Co-ords are trendy and take the guesswork out of outfit planning. Our Matching Sets effortlessly provide a cohesive and stylish look.

7. Location-Based Outfits for Travelling

When selecting travel outfits, consider the destination and journey. Aim for layers and versatility, whether you're headed to a tropical beach or a snowy mountain. You can also opt for soft, stretchy materials that allow your skin to breathe. Joggers or leggings paired with a cosy sweatshirt or oversized tee offer perfect comfort and style. Ultimately, prioritise comfort so your travel outfit looks stylish on the way to the airport and sets the tone for a fantastic journey.

Summer Airport Outfits

When the temperature rises, choose lightweight fabrics and breezy styles. A flowing dress or lightweight, breathable shorts go well with a soft, airy blouse. They can be ideal for summer airport outfits. They keep you cool and comfy as you start your journey.

Easy Airport Outfits for Ladies

A chic jumpsuit can be practical and stylish. It's for ladies who want outfits that blend fashion and function. Jumpsuits are easy to put on and take off. You can dress them up or down with accessories and layers.

Plus-Size Airport Outfits

In fashion, inclusivity ensures that everyone can travel in comfort and style. It applies to people of all body types. Oversized tunics with leggings or a stretchy midi dress offer freedom and style and work well. Look for pieces that provide structure for a more polished look, like wrap dresses, A-line skirts, and tailored yet comfortable pants, which are also good options. For more plus-sized clothing options, check out our range. 


A plus-size woman wearing a dress robe as an airport outfit.


Where to Buy Airport Outfits in Ireland?  

Shaws blends style with practicality. We select breathable, comfy fabrics and accessorise smartly, helping ensure your airport outfits are ready to take you anywhere in 2024. Explore our  Women’s Wear collections for the perfect pieces to enhance your travel wardrobe. 

Embark on your next journey with confidence by shopping at Shaws.