How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas 2023: Shaw’s Xmas Decor Guide

How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas 2023: Shaw’s Xmas Decor Guide


The season of joy, warmth, and celebration is fast approaching, and it's time to infuse some festive cheer into our living spaces. 

Decorating your home for Christmas is more than just an annual ritual; it's an art form that captures the season's spirit. But with the myriad of ideas to decorate your home at Christmas, where do you begin? 

Whether you're looking for door decorations, a complete overhaul of your existing setup, or simply seeking that one amazing Christmas home decor piece to be the centrepiece of your festive table, Shaw's Christmas Gift Guide has got you covered. 

When to Start Decorating for Christmas?

The commencement of the festive season is marked by the beginning of Advent, which falls on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. This traditional date signifies when Christmas decorations are customarily put up, with many celebrating the start of the season using an Advent candle and an Advent calendar.

While the festive cheer may seem far off, it's never too early to start plotting your Christmas decorations. Some enthusiasts start as early as the first touch of winter frost, while others prefer the threshold of December 1st. Beginning in the autumn lets you gradually gather Xmas ornaments and enjoy the process without rushing. Others prefer waiting until after Halloween, enjoying autumn fully before diving into the holiday spirit. 

How to Choose a Christmas Colour Scheme

Selecting a festive colour scheme can seem daunting, given the myriad of choices. Start by deciding on the ambiance you want to create—traditional with reds, greens, and golds, or a modern twist with colours like silver or pink. 

Use your current decor as a guide; if you have a navy couch, white and silver might complement it. Decide on the mood, whether lively with bright colours or tranquil with softer hues. Distribute your colour choices in Christmas ornaments, table settings, and wrapping paper. 

Neutrals can add depth and consider room size—monochromatic schemes can enlarge small spaces. Ultimately, your colour choice should reflect your style and spread holiday cheer.

Essential Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Planning your outdoor Christmas decorations? Begin by mapping out key areas like the porch and walkway. Choose a theme that fits your style, then focus on holiday lighting techniques using energy-efficient LEDs for safety. 

Highlight your door with a festive wreath and add Christmas tree garlands to the railings. Illuminate your entrance with pathway markers for festivity and safety. Integrate natural elements like pinecones or decorated plants for a refreshing touch.

For a bold touch, you could consider inflatables, but make sure they're secured. Your neighbours probably don’t want any flying snowmen on Christmas Eve!

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

a Festive LED Branch Christmas tree illuminated by white lights.

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a heart-warming holiday activity. To achieve a splendid display, consider these tips:

  1. Pick the perfect tree: If you're looking for a hassle-free option, the 7-foot Amsterdam Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is a great choice.
  2. Shape the branches: Fluff them for a full appearance and easier ornament placement.
  3. Light it up: Begin from the top, weaving Christmas lights in and out for uniformity. LEDs are energy-efficient and radiant.
  4. Drape garland/ribbon: Match your colour scheme; consider tinsel, beads, or pinecone strands. Wide, wired ribbon drapes easily.
  5. Place ornaments: Begin with larger pieces, then medium and small. Diversify colours, shapes, and heights for depth.
  6. Topper and skirt: Add a theme-coherent topper and a stylish skirt to conceal tree stands.
  7. Personalise: Integrate sentimental or handmade decorations for a unique touch.

Opt for Shaw's Festive LED Branch Tree for a really easy Christmas tree setup that looks beautiful. It creates a cosy and inviting Christmas ambience, each branch emitting a warm and inviting glow, casting a magical spell throughout your space.

How to Create the Perfect Christmas Dinner Table

An enchanting Christmas table setting sets the mood for a festive gathering. Here's how to curate an impeccable tablescape:

  • Colour scheme: Decide on festive colours like red and green, silver and gold, or a wintry white and blue mix.
  • Linens: Use a Christmas tablecloth or a casual runner in sync with your theme. 
  • Dinnerware: Showcase your finest plates and glassware, arranging utensils methodically.
  • Centrepiece: Ornamental centrepiece ideas include Christmas wreath arrangements, candles, flowers, pinecones, or ornaments. Illuminate with fairy lights for added warmth.
  • Decorative Touches: Add pinecones, holly, or glitter. Place festive crackers or party favours at each seat.
  • Napkin artistry: Elevate your setting with Christmas napkins tied with harmonising ribbons or rings.
  • Music: Amplify the spirit with a festive playlist, blending classic tunes and instrumental melodies.
A table draped in a red table runner with robin decoration, and complemented by a red placemat.

Decorating Small Spaces or Apartments at Christmas 

Decorating small holiday spaces requires creativity and a little strategic planning. Opt for tabletop Christmas trees to conserve space and maximise vertical areas with wall-mounted decorations, lights, and hanging items from the ceiling. Mirrors can expand the perception of space in festive interior design, especially when adorned with festive touches. 

Choose dual-purpose decor like decorative storage or Christmas-themed fabrics, and integrate festive colours with accent pieces. Create compact table displays, and remember to scale decorations appropriately for your space. 

Even limited spaces can radiate holiday warmth and charm by focusing on details and innovative solutions.

Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be costly. Here are our budget-friendly ideas to create a festive atmosphere:

  • Creative Christmas adornments: Craft your own ornaments using household materials or use nature as inspiration. Use pine cones, branches, and berries from your garden or local park for rustic and eco-friendly decorations.
  • Repurpose everyday items: Turn mason jars into fairy light holders, old scarves into table runners, and cookie cutters into ornaments.
  • Homemade holiday crafts: Use paper for decorations like snowflakes, chain garlands, and origami ornaments.
  • Twinkle lights: A few strands of fairy lights add a magical ambience. Drape them around trees, railings, or windows.
  • Festive pillows and throws: Refresh your living area with Christmas-themed textiles without redecorating an entire space.

Remember, the essence of Christmas is joy and love, not expenditure. Embrace DIY and repurposing to make your home festive and welcoming

Creating a Coordinated Christmas Decor Theme

Creating a cohesive holiday decor theme enhances the festive spirit throughout your home. Here are some guidelines for achieving that perfect winter holiday home styling:

  1. Choose a theme: Decide on a style that mirrors your preferences, like a rustic farmhouse, elegant winter wonderland, or Santa's workshop.
  2. Colour palette: Select 2-3 main colours aligned with your theme. Classic reds and greens or unique combinations like blue and silver can be used throughout.
  3. Consistency is key: Maintain a uniform appearance using similar Christmas tree ornaments, ribbons, and garlands across rooms.
  4. Adorn every space: Extend decorations beyond the main areas—Christmas wreaths on doors, garlands on staircases, and Christmas lights in windows ensure the theme pervades the whole home.
  5. Pay attention to details: Matching gift wrap, coordinated stockings, and thematic accents like snowflakes in centrepieces elevate the decor's cohesiveness.
  6. Edit and simplify: Avoid overcrowding. Streamline decor so each piece stands out, enhancing the unified theme.

By sticking to these tips, your Christmas decor will spread joy and cheer throughout your home. 

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