6 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Irish Wedding

6 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Irish Wedding

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With its rich cultural tapestry and deep-rooted traditions, Ireland offers a spectacular wedding backdrop. From idyllic castles in the countryside to sophisticated hotels in the heart of the city, each Irish wedding is a unique celebration. Choosing the right outfit for these weddings presents the delightful challenge of balancing tradition with your individuality.


In this guide, we delve into a curated selection of stunning wedding guest dresses that are not just age-appropriate but exude elegance, charm, and a contemporary flair, no matter what type of Irish wedding you're attending.

1. Timeless Elegance for a Traditional Church Wedding

Lady dressed in a calf-length red dress


For a church wedding, choose a guest outfit that radiates classic elegance. The perfect choice for this setting is a red party dress that embodies romance and refined femininity. This timeless piece perfectly balances traditional charm with a hint of celebratory flair.


Complement the dress with a delicate cardigan or a graceful shawl, offering a stylish layer and warmth in the often cool ambiance of a church. You’ll look sophisticated while respecting the solemnity of the occasion. For footwear, opt for comfortable yet stylish heels that will complement the dress. For a classic, elegant look, choose simple and understated wedding accessories.

2. Romantic and Ethereal for a Coastal Wedding

Lady in lime and white coloured flowy, floral dress.

A light and flowy maxi dress is the perfect choice for a coastal wedding. Choose a soft, light-coloured dress that will catch the ocean breeze and create a romantic and ethereal look, such as Shaw's flowy flower-printed dress. The effortless flow of this dress will capture the laid-back and carefree atmosphere of the beach setting.


Pair the dress with comfortable sandals that are easy to walk in on the sand. Flat or low-heeled sandals are perfect for navigating beach terrain while still looking fabulous. You can even choose sandals with beachy embellishments or details to add a touch of coastal charm to your outfit.


To complete the ensemble, don't forget to accessorise with a wide-brimmed hat and/or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Your beach wedding guest look will be transformed by these practical accessories.

3. A Chic Midi for a Countryside Wedding

Lady wearing a paisley print midi dress with black heels.


If you're attending a wedding in a picturesque countryside, you'll want to dress in an outfit that is both sophisticated and in tune with the setting. An elegant midi dress is a stylish choice. This outfit exudes sophistication and perfectly complements the tranquil surroundings of the venue.


Add a stylish hat or headpiece for wedding guests to add a touch of elegance. Complete your look with a pair of low-heeled, elegant, and comfortable shoes for walking around the beautiful grounds.

4. Break Tradition With a Jumpsuit

Women dressed in a jumpsuit


Traditionally, dresses and skirts have been the go-to choices for wedding outfits. But why not break the mould and still turn heads? Jumpsuits are now a leading fashion-forward option for wedding guests, offering a modern flair that is perfect for the city setting. 


They are more than just sophisticated; they bring a level of comfort that's hard to beat. Wear a chic and stylish jumpsuit that reflects the urban atmosphere of a city wedding.


Pantsuits are also here to make a statement in the wedding season. Offering a modern twist on guest attire, a well-fitted pantsuit rivals the elegance of any dress. Its diverse style allows self-expression, perfectly blending formality with fashion.


Accessorise with statement jewellery, like bold earrings or a chunky bracelet, bringing stylish glamour to your outfit. Complete the look with high heels or fashionable boots to add an edge to your ensemble. Whether it's a tailored, straight-leg style or something more flowy and relaxed, make sure your suit matches your personal style and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

5. Bohemian Style

 Floral bohemian dress


Embrace the bohemian style for a laid-back yet elegant look at a rustic barn wedding. Choose a halter neck midi dress with details like shoulder frills that add a romantic touch to your outfit. 


Pair the dress with comfortable boots or wedges to navigate the barn terrain without sacrificing style or comfort. Add a whimsical touch with a flower crown or rustic jewellery made from natural elements such as wood, feathers, or raw gemstones to complement the rustic charm of the venue.

6. Go Classic Black

Lady wearing a black party dress.


Dress for a historic castle wedding in a way that complements its grandeur and elegance. A perfect outfit for this occasion would be a long, black dress or a statement open-back dress.


For the perfect Irish wedding guest style, accessorise with vintage charm. A small clutch bag with ornate detailing or a vintage-inspired design would be an ideal choice to hold your essentials while adding a touch of old-world glamour. Elegant jewellery, such as drop earrings or a statement necklace with intricate detailing, will enhance the overall look and complete the ensemble.


To tie the outfit together, consider adding a pair of classic heels in a coordinating colour to complete the look and add a touch of sophistication. 

Seasonal Irish Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

The season plays a big role in choosing outfits for a wedding, and it's not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day in Ireland! Whatever the season, here are some ideas on what to wear:

Spring wedding

Wear a long, pleated floral-printed dress in pastel colours to echo the fresh feel of spring. Pair with a cardigan for any cool breezes that might come your way. 

Summer wedding

Opt for a flowing, breathable wrap dress in pastels and florals, ideal for staying cool and reflecting the vibrant summer vibe.

Autumn wedding

Go for a long-sleeved dress in earthy tones of orange, brown, and red, matching the autumnal scenery.

Winter wedding 

Stay festive with a velvet and sequin dress in green, suitable for the cosy winter atmosphere. A long-sleeved satin dress also works well in winter.

At an Irish wedding, it's all about embracing the charm of the Emerald Isle, come rain or shine.

Where to Buy a Wedding Guest Outfit in Ireland?

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Whether you're shopping online or in our stores, we have wedding guest dresses for every type of Irish wedding.

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