Inspired by Mary

Inspired by Mary? Based in the South East of Ireland, Mary encourages all of us to make use of our outdoor living areas, gardens, patios, balcony areas or small yards!

With over half an acre of space to play with, she has established a garden oasis for all the generations of her family. Her carefully curated outdoor living area is nestled beside colourful herbaceous borders taking full advantage of the vast views across her local rural landscape.  The combination of Mayo dining sets ensures that all the family can relax in comfort together. Durable high-quality sets, with a 5-year guarantee, appealed to Mary who has previous experience with less durable, poor quality garden sets failing to meet the needs of her family. She is happy to have a more sustainable option for their needs. 

Mary stores the covers for her garden furniture sets in the Limerick Storage box, along with a kids jigsaw, sunscreen, the super-soft throw and cushions. The grandchildren often use the box as a spare seating option. She has cold evenings covered thanks to the Laois gas fire column and the gorgeous fire bowl with a mosaic design. From mugs of tea to homemade cocktails, Mary loves the jewel glasses by Killarney Crystal and her stoneware mugs. The super handy laptop tray she recommends for added comfort when she gets to design what's next for her outdoor haven.