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My Clarins

My Clarins

My Clarins is an up to 95% natural, vegan skincare collection aimed at teenagers and young adults looking for either their first products, an entry to luxury skincare or just people who love Clarins. 
It’s Plant-Based
7 of the 9 products in the range have a really high natural ingredients percentage, with a few going as high as 95%! These include fruits, floral waters, plant extracts, plus there’s no trace of parabens, sulfates or phthalates. The range is completely vegan and what’s even better is that My Clarins will not be sold in any countries that require animal testing.
Goodness In, Nasties Out
My Clarins is all about enhancing skin, not completely changing it. It focuses on hydration and radiance to improve the skin’s overall health. Coconut water keeps goodness in by optimising cell nutrition, while alpenrose extract pulls pollutants out with its detoxifying effect. My Clarins also helps to protect from the impact pollution has on the skin (ageing and dullness) thanks to added My Clarins Anti-Pollution Plant-Based Complex.
Eco-Conscious Packaging
My Clarins isn’t just promising to do good for skin; it’s doing its bit for the environment too. Each box is made from recycled cardboard from sustainably-managed forests.
All Skin Types
The range isn’t for one skin type but it does have different product options to choose from.
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