Nicholas Mosse

Honing his craft for many years under the stewardship of talented potters in Harrow, England, Nicholas Mosse developed a genuine passion for clay, devoted to shaping pieces that felt beautiful.

Drawn together by their craft and their shared love of nature, in 1976, Nick and Susan Mosse, based in a small shed on the Mosse family land in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, formed their family business Nicholas Mosse Pottery. Four decades on, their business and their passions have endured.
Susan Mosse, the artist, is the creative force behind each original and distinctive pattern. The botanical artist takes inspiration from the hedgerows and wildflowers that surround her in the stunning countryside of Bennettsbridge and from her now famous Kilfane garden which is open to the public. Producing just one new pattern a year, Susan works in the peace and tranquility of her studio in Bennettsbridge. Pouring copious amounts of love and care into each design, she develops and works up her patterns using sketches.

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